"Act II" CD od Tarja

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Appears as a double CD in an Earbook.

With 'Act II,' the exceptional Finnish singer surpasses the predecessor by far. Recorded during the 'The shadow shows' world tour, it offers two very different live recordings. The first chapter, 'Metropolis alive,' was recorded in London two months before the release of her last album, 'The shadow self,' and provides a very intimate impression of how the singer presents her unreleased songs to an audience for the first time. 'Act II' then forms the second chapter, showcasing the musician and her band in an electrifying show in Milan. She performs hits from all four solo albums, such as 'Innocence,' 'Die Alive,' 'Until My Last Breath,' and her magnificent version of the Muse classic, 'Supremacy.'

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Zboží č. 383260
Hudební žánr Symfonický metal
Média - formát 1-3 2-CD
Téma produktů Kapely
live Ano
Kapela Tarja
Typ výrobku CD
Datum vydání 7/27/18
Pohlaví Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    No Bitter End (Live)
  • 2.
    500 Letters (Live)
  • 3.
    Eagle Eye (Live)
  • 4.
    Demons in You (Live)
  • 5.
    Lucid Dreamer (Live)
  • 6.
    Shameless (Live)
  • 7.
    The Living End (Live)
  • 8.
    Calling from the Wild (Live)
  • 9.
    Supremacy (Live)
  • 10.
    Tutankhamen/Ever Dream/The Riddler/Slaying the Dreamer (Live)
  • 11.
    Goldfinger (Live)
  • 12.
    Deliverance (Live)
  • 13.
    Until Silence/The Reign/Mystique Voyage/House of Wax/I Walk Alone (Acoustic [Live])
  • 14.
    Love to Hate (Live)
  • 15.
    Victim of Ritual (Live)
  • 16.
    Undertaker (Live)
  • 17.
    Too Many (Live)
  • 18.
    Innocence (Live)
  • 19.
    Die Alive (Live)
  • 20.
    Until My Last Breath (Live)