"EndEx" LP od 3teeth

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Appearing as a colored 180g Vinyl edition (red) in a gatefold packaging, including a 2-sided lyric sheet.

In the post-pandemic bleakness of Los Angeles, 3TEETH materialize as a mysterious force of cybernetic entropy, revealing their most compelling revelation of techno-social decay yet: 'EndEx'. Alexis Mincolla, the cryptic provocateur, and his accomplices escalate their own sonic uprising with the bewildering rupture of the pioneering single, 'Merchant of the Void'. By addressing the commodification of identity, hyperconsumption, and the dominance of technology as a driving force for ideology and human behavior, they expose the foundations of our decaying reality.

The resulting sonic shockwaves reverberate in thunderous offensives like the explosive 'Slum Planet', 'Higher Than Death', and a phantasmagorical reinterpretation of Tears For Fears' groundbreaking 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'. 'EndEx' embodies 3TEETH's transformation of industrial metal into a hyper-temporal era, unleashing a memetic plague of esoteric theory-fiction.

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Zboží č. 558872
Hudební žánr Industrial
Média - formát 1-3 LP
Téma produktů Kapely
Kapela 3teeth
Typ výrobku LP
Datum vydání 9/22/23
Pohlaví Unisex